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1992 Jeep YJ
1992 Jeep YJ, Image via Wikipedia

Well, here are a few more wiring diagrams for Jeep Wrangler – this time for the Jeep YJ series years 1987 to 1994. The PDF includes ‘body’ electrical diagrams and Jeep YJ electrical diagrams for specific areas like: air conditioning units, typical jeep charging unit wiring diagrams, typical emission maintenance reminder wiring diagrams, front end lighting wiring diagrams and switches, heaters and ignition wiring diagrams.

Jeep YJ Wiring Diagram

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  1. Is it just me or is there no PDF linked?

  2. My son has a 94 wrangles and we are putting in a new stereo, the one in there now is a an after market one and the wiring has already been “altered” I need to get a diagram of the wiring for the radio and speaker hook up color coded to know which ones go the which. It is working kinda the way they had it already but the radio will quit powering the speakers but if you unplug the speakers and plug back in they start again, so I think we just need to start from ground zereo and rewire them but we need to know which ones go where.Any help would be greatly appreciated

  3. Hi Gordon, I will dig around and see what I can see. My guess is that there are only a few wires that make sense. If you can’t find the actual wiring diagram you need, and you do have a simple voltage meter you should be able to figure it out.

    Start with the Speakers and where they are located: If you go to the speakers and find out the colour of their wires, that will help when you go to wire up the stereo itself.

    That really only leaves a few wires under the dash to worry about. Usually there is :
    1) power – solid red is a good guess, remember it will only work if the ignition is on (well, that is if your power source is pulled from the ignition or not. It is possible to pull power that is ‘always on’ if you can find a wire under the dash, again, your voltmeter will come in handy here)
    2) ground – again, solid white is a good guess
    3) speaker wires – probably 4 sets of right/left/front/back, but if you identified the wires already, you will know which ones are which.
    4) sometimes there is a need on the stereo for a power antenae, use the same source as your power – should work.

    I am hoping someone who knows stereo wiring better than me comments back for you! I will also see what I can find.

  4. I’ve put an 87 YJ 4.2 L into an 88 YJ, problem is the wiring doesn’t match up. Does anyone know how to do the wiring? I have the wiring harness from the 87, the 87 comes with a starter without a solenoid on it. I have a universal solenoid for it. Will this work?

  5. I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler. The windshield wipers stopped working. Checked the fuse and it was blown. Replaced the fuse and it blew as well. Any information on trouble shooting the problem?

  6. i have a 1995 jeep wrangler yj and my rear window defog does not work i checked the fuse box under dash and in the hood dont find the fuse under what is it on ?

  7. My heater is not working and i’m looking for the wires to see if there is power. it is a 89 jeep wrangler yj. and i can’t find the fuse box,can you help me? thanks

  8. Hi Greg,

    I had a similar problem on my 92 YJ. I couldn’t locate an 89 YJ manual, but had a 91 YJ previously and perhaps this info from the 91 and 92 models will help with your 89. Small fuses are found in a panel stuffed under the dash/instrument panel to the left of the brake pedal.

    The bottom right fuse (25amp) controlled the heater blower switch in my 92 YJ. The switch is found behind the on-off lever by removing about 5 screws holding the part of the dash covering the guage windows.

    The fuse was fine, and the wire between the fuse box and the switch was in tact on both ends, but the switch had gone bad and no longer activated the blower when you raise the ‘on-off’ control lever. On a 92, it can run about $12 or $45 at the dealer depending if the switch has 3 or 4 contacts — both versions having been installed in certain 92’s! Hope this helps.

  9. i have a 94 wrangler and i lost power to the coil and the fuel pump and can’t figure out why. any answers?

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  11. Just swapped in a 350 chevy with 700r tranny in my 89 wrangler. Looking for a engine wiring harness to clean up the mess. Any ideas. The engine is carbed.

    • Hey Manny, good swap! Lots of torque. Check out Painless Wiring they are a great resource and probably have what you are looking for or at least can point you in the right direction (I am not affiliated in any way with them, I have just heard good things from other people)

      Good Luck!

  12. Thanks for posting the info. Is this from the FSM or where?

  13. I have a 1994 Jeep Wrangler that started having blinking and dimming issues all of a sudden with the dash lights/stereo. It happens over bumps/dips so there must be a lose or damaged wire. I know nothing about electrical issues, but should learn. My question is what is the best way to systematically find the buggered wire, and is there any precautions I need to take, I tend to collect electrical charges. Thanks

    • ok that is funny! (I may use that in the future…”I tend to collect electrical charges”…

      To be honest, this will be a tedious time consuming chore to trouble shoot. The only real way to do this is to have a solid plan up front and follow it methodically. Know exactly what each fuse/wire does and then start testing.

      Work from the fuse box first – change the fuse out that controls those components, check out the fuse box for corrosion. It will really be an ‘on your back and under the dash research job. Follow from the fuse box to the stereo/interior lights and see if anything obvious comes up. Sometimes the cigarette lighter is on the same circuit and I have seen those corrode and cause problems. It could even be corroded battery posts, except I would expect that to affect more than interior lights.

  14. salve a tutti o un problema molto serio su un jeep yj 4.00 anno 93 praticamente non arriva corrente alle candele o sostituito il sensor swich il sensore giri nuovo e bobbina come posso risolvere questo problema?

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  17. I need a color wiring breakdown for a 2007 Jeep Wrangler. I’m adding something to the dash and need to know where my ignition/power/ground/etc is….PLEASE HELP. Thanks!!

  18. Thank you VERY much to whoever put this PDF file out for us. I thought I had the same heater switching problem described above, but there’s 0 volts at the fuse for the HTR/FAN, thus the problem is surely upstream. These diagrams give me an organized work around which is to put an inline 25 amp fuse coming straight from the battery and a three way switch to control High/Med/Low. I haven’t executed this yet as I just found this article tonight, but it’s certainly in my plans in the next few days (it’s gettin’ cold again)… Thanks again!!! WGH (Colorado Springs)

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  20. I have a 95 Wrangler. Way back when I got the Jeep in 94/95, I removed the door buzzer triggers and the wire leads. Now I want to fix it so the internal hardtop dome light works again. I cannot find a wire diagram that shows the wires from the dome fuse to each of the doors and rear dome light. I have the Haynes manual but it only shows for 97 and later models.

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  22. 1987 Jeep Wrangler……I can not open the wiring diagram and I am in DESPARTE need of head light help. The running lights come on but not the head lights. I tested the dash switch and it seems find but from there I get lost due to the harness. My fuse box does not have anything for “headlight” as far as fuse. Is there a in-line fuse also? Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Kris, the wiring diagram is a PDF document. All you have to do is click the image of the wiring diagram and it should open in your browser. If it doesn’t open, then all you probably need to do is download the free PDF viewer which you can get here http://get.adobe.com/reader/. Let me know if that works or not – good luck!

  23. Need location of ground wires…got an 89 wrangler 2.5 off a guy and finished rebuilding the motor and not sure where all the grounds are at and when i turn the key to the on position (before starting) the only lights that come on is brake light and emmission light

    • Hey TacomaOn36s! I will have to dig for that one. Sorry for the long delay in reply, been a bit tied up. Let me see what I can find and I will post back.

  24. Thanks, Jeep Guy I am trouble shooting my headlights and they are kicking my butt. My running lights turn on but not either head light so I am looking for a relay and with your help I may be able to wrap this problem up and move on to another.

    • Hi Kris, sorry for the long delay! I have been a little pre-occupied with a project of my own! I am presuming that you solved your headlight problem already, but in case you havn’t what year/model are we looking at? Let me know and I will see if I can help.

  25. […] Jeep Wrangler YJ Wiring Diagram1992 Jeep YJ, Image via Wikipedia … … Well, here are a few more wiring diagrams for Jeep Wrangler – this time for the Jeep YJ series years 1987 to 1994. The PDF includes ‘body’ electrical diagrams and Jeep YJ electrical diagrams for specific areas like: air conditioning units, typical jeep charging unit… […]

  26. Same as Mark commnet on March 26th, 2010 at 8:17 am,i have a 94 wrangler and i lost power to the coil and the fuel pump and can’t figure out why. any answers?

  27. i replaced the 2.5 in my 99 wrangler with a 94 2.5 had to take many parts off of 99 to make it work i got 1 wire im not sure if its a ground it reads .0.04 with a meter. The wire is acutuallly 2 wires 1 is soild black the other is black with a white strip both are on 1 lug .If anyone can help i need it also if anyone needs info on what you need to do to make this swap give me a shout

  28. I have a 1988 Jeep Wrangler and my gauge cluster is not working, is there a convercation that will show you how to rewire in your after markets gauges, I’m
    using VDO gauges with a not gauge pod

  29. Correction thats with a new gauge pod

  30. I have a 1994 jeep YJ with a 4 cylinder and it has no spark or fuel pressure. Were should i start?

  31. I have a 1995 Jeep YJ Sahara. When signaling left the hazzard lights would go on. Checked all bulbs and fuses. Took out main fuse to Hazzard Lights for the time being and this seems to correct the problem (except obviously no hazzard lights). Anyone have any ideas??

  32. on my 1993yj wrangler the circuit breaker for my winshield wipers has a broken connector where the circuit breaker fits into and is not making good contact wipers work until i hit a bump any suggestions?

  33. 1990 wrangler 2.5… will not start at times< or cut out while driving. which has made for some pretty dangerous situations..when it dies I actuall tap a relay by the drivers kick panel, right near the fuse block..it is a 3 wire relay.any proper diagram list it as the horn relay! EVERY time I tap it ,the jeep starts.I went to my parts store and they showed it as a horn relay,I replaced it,no problems for 3 weeks..same condition now,i thought possibly someone had wired some sort of ign cutout to the circut,cant find any evidence of that either..ANY help will be appreciated!!!!!!

    • Hi Johnny, hmm, that one is going to be a problem to hunt down. Sounds like a short or loose connection to me or the relay. Two things to do

      1) Relay, maybe it is fubar. I would unplug the relay, take it to a shop or junk yard and find a replacement, plug it back in and see if that fixes the problem.

      2) Something else. The only thing to do here is when it won’t start, get out a meter and start tracing the problem to its source. The electrical system is fairly basic (all things considered) so get the wiring diagram and start from the fuse box. Find out what isn’t working when it won’t start. It will only take lots of time :) (PS a good shop will find the problem a LOT faster)

      Good luck!

  34. I have a 94 wrangler, the dash gauges quit working, inline fuse that im missing ?

    • Hi Steve, another tricky one, but shouldn’t be hard to track down if you are patient. Sounds like could be corroded/broken/shorted wire or? Hard to troubleshoot over the web! Get out your meter and start tracing from the fusebox to the gauge…time consuming, but sure to find the problem!

  35. Just got a 1993 Wrangler YJ and having alot of fun just figuring out what everything is and how it works but I’m stuck with a couple of knobs on the lower right side if the steering heel, the marks are gone but they are two rotating knobs and it doesn;t seem like it’s doing anything. any help?

    • HI Danny, interesting, the problem with Jeep dashes is that people customize them all the time. I am not sure about yours, but somewhere on that dash should be an interior lights dimmer switch – a ‘dash illumination rheostat’ to be precise and this dashlight dimmer is usually right next to the headlight switch. Are these the ones you are talking about? Can you take a picture and post it?

    • on my 93 these knobs control the under dash A/C unit.

  36. wow thanks for the quick reply, I’m really starting to like this Jeep community. I know what you are talking about but that’s not it, that’s on the left side. how do I add a picture?

    here is a temptative diagram:

    RPM Lights SPEEDOMETER series of 5 gauges
    wheel (empty small panel) ventilation control radio
    Headlights dimmer two knobs@#$% 3 vents outlet
    handbrake release ashtray

    sorry this is the best I can do until I figure out how to add a picture.

    • Hi Danny, this one is killing me. I just can’t find something that shows what those knobs are! I have a 93 Cherokee service manual but the dash layout is not the same. I have the FSM for the ’90 but can’t find a reference to what you are describing. In fact, every manual I look at shows two rocker switches in that location – maybe fog lights? I will keep checking, but one thing I would try if I were you is go to Yahoo Answers and post there – I highly recommend a photo as well. The other place that is really good is jeepforum.com

  37. Just trying to find an under hood wireing diagram for an 87 Wrangler with a 4.2 , we stuck a 2002 Chevy truck 4.8L with stand alone harness but we want to make the factory gauges work (temp,oil presure, and volts) thanks for any help

    • Did you try the one on this post for what you are looking for? It is supposed to cover the ’87? Let me know if it is in there or not and I will dig around.

  38. I think I figured it out, it’s the AC. I just dont have any AC gas in the AC unit and is not blowing any air, which made it confusing becuase it seems liek they don;t really do anything. Any advise on AC recharge cans I saw at Pep Boys?

    • not a big fan of recharge kits. Generally, if your AC is empty, it is because there is a leak somewhere and a recharge kit won’t last very long. AC is a tough one – it is expensive to get done by a pro, but it is the only real way to get a lasting solution that works….and besides….its a jeep. Do you really need AC :)

  39. LOL, you have a good point IT IS A JEEP!!! hahaha. I just got this car from a friend that has not used it for 5 years and that’s why I’m thinking the AC is low. we’ll see.
    Just learning the fun things about Jeeps and I guess I’m still thinking the way I was when I had my 1997 Ford Thunderbird. Boy is like living a new youth, I’ll tell ya ;-)

  40. Greetings,

    I have a ’92 inline six 4.0 renegade. My issue is that it runs good for a bit and then suddenly it shuts off by itself. Even while at idle, it seems that something heats up and makes it shut down. After about 10 seconds, it starts up again and runs for about a minute before it shuts off. Any ideas on where I can start looking. Thanks in advance.

    • hmm, sounds like a fuel problem to me. I would check out the fuel pump, the O2 Sensor and anything else fuel related first. I had this very problem happen to me recently (not in a jeep mind you) but it was a bugger to figure out and sure enough, it was the fuel pump at the end of the day….

  41. Ok, will start looking in the fuel direction. I checked for spark, checked coil, checked spark plugs and I am getting a spark on all 6 cylinders. Will also try changing the engine relays just in case. I’ll let you know what happens, thanks for your response and any additional help would greatly be appreciated. I love driving my Jeep and it’s frustrating to have it parked. Thanks…

  42. could also be fuel filter too, check for water in it. The more you describe above is telling me something with the fuel system. good luck and keep me posted!

  43. I changed the fuel filter about a week ago because of a small hesitation in the engine so now that I think about it, back then could have been the beginning of the fuel pump failure as you are telling me. I’ll check the filter and pump and will keep you posted, Thanks.

  44. i just bought a 94 wrangler the gentleman put a 1990 2.5 cyl. in it. it dumping fuel like crazy and fouling out the plugs. i put new plugs,wires,cap, and rotor on. im getting fire out of the #1 plug, but it is not acting like it wants to start. just turns over. he switched dist. from old motor to the 1990. do i need to switch out the fly wheel to. im lost!

    • ouch that doesn’t sound very good. I am not really sure where to begin with this one….start with the fuel problem I guess.

      What do you mean by ‘it was dumping fuel like crazy’?
      Is it still happening?

      If it is getting too much fuel, that is a problem but not sure why/how that problem would begin.

  45. need help 91 yj 4.0 all my gauges stop working speed o and tac temp volt oil gas…..all fuses good.is their a relay? MAYBE BAD ignation switch? do they tie in their? the jeep starts fine drives great every thing els works…..ideas? the best thing ever maid is a jeep… thanks Patrick…..

    • I would start with re-checking the fuses, specifically the ignition fuse, take it out, clean the contacts on the fuse and the fuse carrier and then try it out. It is strange that it is the entire instrument panel and not a single gauge.

      I have the troubleshooting instructions for a ’98 below – you might want to go through these and see if this works. Report back if it does so others can learn.


      If an individual gauge is inoperative, see the diagnostic procedure under the heading for that gauge. If more than one gauge in the main cluster or gauge package cluster is inoperative, perform the following:
      (1) Check fuse 9 in the fuseblock module. If OK, go to next step. If not OK, replace fuse.
      (2) Check for battery voltage at fuse 9 with ignition switch in ON position. If OK, go to next step. If not OK, repair open in circuit from ignition switch and/or refer to Group 8D – Ignition Systems for testing of ignition switch.
      (3) Turn ignition switch to OFF. Disconnect battery negative cable. Remove the affected instrument cluster bezel and cluster assembly. Disconnect the cluster connector.
      (4) Connect battery negative cable. Turn ignition switch to ON. If problem is in main cluster, check for battery voltage at cavity 3 and cavity 19 of main cluster connector. If problem is in gauge package cluster, check for battery voltage at cavity 2 and cavity 12 of gauge package cluster connector. If OK, go to next step. If not OK, repair open in circuit from fuse 9 as required.
      (5) Turn ignition switch to OFF. Disconnect battery negative cable. Probe cavities 14 and 20 of main cluster connector, or cavities 1 and 13 of gauge package cluster connector. Check for continuity to a good ground. There should be continuity. If OK, replace the cluster printed circuit. If not OK, repair open in circuit as required.

      *a couple notes – these instructions are from the ’98 so may not be the same – follow them at your own risk. Also try jiggling the actual wiring harness connector – it is possible that the problem is a corroded connection somewhere.

      Good Luck!

  46. 89 yj with 4.2 6 cyl going down road motor goes total dead no power at all iginion is dead have headlites no power from switch. started checkin found fuseable link melted coming off starter relay I think it is going to iginion switch. tried crossing link to no avail could it have shorted the relay are something else please help

  47. Cel mai bun articol despre Jeep Wrangler YJ Wiring Diagram pe care l-am citit ora exacta pana acum!

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